Mobile Appss

Custom Food Ordering App

Your restaurant branded app will be available to download from website, FB from App Store and Play Store. A QR code based download. Code can be on any print marketing material as well.

Tablet Application for Order Management

A feature rich tablet solution for online order management and beyond. A connected printer that prints orders as they come in will replace the old and out dated Fax model of receiving orders.

TastyFoodNow App

A food ordering app that lists all restaurants within Clorder's network. A cause marketing app that helps raise charity as orders are placed through this app. Clorder will be donating 5% of it's revenues on all orders through this app.

Order Status App

A basic order status app for restaurant owners on the go to keep track of the orders and be able to accept/reject or monitor the order flow.

Clients Testimonial

"Since we started working with Clorder, our take-out business grew 440 percent and our overall restaurant revenue increased approximately 300 percent in less than one year.

Shahriar Matin

India's Tandoori, Brentwood

"Clorder has quickly helped our restaurants streamline processes for takeout orders, resulting in better accuracy, faster service and increased efficiencies in to-go orders overall."

Jordan Garcia

Versailles Cuban Restaurant, L.A.