Frequently Asked Questions

Clorder is a next generation suite of applications that can empower you to address your operational and marketing initiatives to increase profits. Clorder is a cloud based SaaS service. It’s fully integrated order processing and target marketing applications are easy to use, simple to customize, extremely flexible, and rapidly scalable. Clorder was built to grow your business and make sustainable profits by using its multi-dimensional solutions:
Order Processing – Leverage the power of online ordering system that is simple to use by your customers and efficient for you to manage, even when you are on the move.
Target Marketing – Improve your customer touch points and enhance your customer experience, all resulting in repeat business and customer loyalty.
Customer Analytics – Understand your customers better through custom reports and graphical charts based on your order database.
Social Networking – Intelligently integrated with social networking and business ratings, our SEO and integrated marketing techniques will help you increase traffic, resulting in untapped revenues.
Secure Commerce – Rest assured of secure e-commerce through some of the best security solutions in market tightly integrated in the sytem.
Clorder helps you accelerate your business, in many ways. It helps you grow your business and make sustainable profits.
Clorder gives you Run you business on your own. Clorder fully supported your business operation with highly customizable. we want business owner control their business not the mediators.
We promise to get it done in one business day, with no interruption to your business. Talk to us to find out how
There is no hosting fee. we will charge very nominal fee to maintain your portal. Our software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is secure, reliable and universally accessible. Since cloud-based software is accessed on-demand, you will not need dedicated hardware, expensive installations or in-house support
You can cancel ANYTIME by calling us at 424-254-9496 or by sending us an email at Contact Us
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