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Small Business - How to interact with your customers and Build your own Brand

Quality online food ordering can furnish you with more than simply web orders by associating you with the existing and new clients in at least five innovative ways: Online Ordering platform, custom websites and menu, mobile ordering, social media, and digital marketing. When selecting an online ordering solution for your restaurant, get familiar with the channels that are offered, and how each can benefit your business.

Clorder's online food ordering system implements all the above 5 segments mentioned below which creates a rich customer experience.

Online ordering platform

A website with built-in online ordering that allows you to place online orders for either delivery or pick up just in one click and manages the delivery services too.

Custom website and menu

Our website uses an incredible approach by providing custom menu design for hungry customers in a convenient way.

Mobile ordering

It permits your clients to convey your menu in their pocket and request your best dishes with the snap of a catch. Accepting mobile orders connects you to your customers in an exciting new way.

Social media

It taps into its potential to create brand awareness and quick word-of-mouth advertising. On the off chance that your eatery has a dynamic Facebook page then it does marketing of your restaurant

Digital marketing

It offers search engine optimization for your website that helps bring a steady stream of new customers to your checkout page at no cost to you.