Restaurant Marketing and SEO Services

Marketing and SEO for Restaurant

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Clorder understands how daunting the marketing can get in a competitive restaurant business. With our years of experience, we crafted a well-rounded approach to cover all bases for you, as a restaurant owner, and customize at an individual restaurant level. Read on, and give us a call if you have any questions.

Online Ordering System

Internet Marketing

Clorder can perform all your online marketing activities and come up with strategies and tactics to create a sustaining interest level of your business. Our marketing associates will review your needs and formulate the plan. Once you approve, the plan gets executed and results are closely monitored to fine tune the plan.

Restaurant Email Marketing

Email Marketing

With your own customer database building when customers order through Clorder, you now can reach out to your customers with ease through our email marketing services. Our designers can come up with the right design you need for an announcement or a promotion.

Social Media Marketing of Online Restaurant

Social Media Marketing

Seasoned social media experts will craft messages and help you build your social media audience. Engaging with your audience is critical and that we assure will be taken care.

Print Media Marketing

Print Media Marketing

We understand a lot of restaurants like yours need marketing and in store material designed and printed. We can help you with this and clear your mind from these nagging issues and help you focus on running the restaurant.

Search Engine Optimization of Restaurant

Search Engine Optimization

A critical aspect that is mostly overlooked is to build your organic search ranking that sustains. We have several approaches in doing just this and our marketing associate can walk you with all the options to make your online presence felt.

Clients Testimonial

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“Since we started working with Clorder, our take-out business grew 440 percent and our overall restaurant revenue increased approximately 300 percent in less than one year.

Shahriar Matin

India's Tandoori, Brentwood

"Clorder has quickly helped our restaurants streamline processes for takeout orders, resulting in better accuracy, faster service and increased efficiencies in to-go orders overall."

Jordan Garcia

Versailles Cuban Restaurant, L.A.